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PocketBook Touch HD

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The TEA / PocketBook Touch HD 2 is a 6-inch e-reader with a Carta e-ink screen and an adaptable lighting that allows you to read comfortably day or night. With the ability to read all file types and easy installation of outside programs, PocketBook e-readers have great versatility. What is the Touch HD 2 worth? We’ll tell you everything…

Hardware and software: How good is the Touch HD?

As far as the hardware goes, it has a 6-inch Carta e-ink screen with a 1440×1080, 330 ppi resolution, just like the Kindle Paperwhite and the Kobo Clara. It also has good quality lighting, with the option to adjust the screen tones to yellow for a better experience at night. And all of this works well together.

It has 8GB of storage, but there’s a MicroSD slot that can increase the storage to 32GB: which will make manga readers happy!

The interface may seem more minimalist and old-school compared to Amazon or Kobo, but it does its job without any problems. And it’s important to note that you can easily install other programs like Koreader. This makes this a great 6-inch PDF reader. This e-reader can open all file types with its default program, so you don’t have to install other programs. That’s PocketBook’s signature: an openness with the software that allows you to read whatever you like and not trapping the user with any specific formats.

You also get the “speech” option, which allows you to make the e-reader read compatible documents to you. There is also a headphone jack so that you can listen to music while reading, which can be nice.

It has a good feel when holding it and feels like a high-quality device. Harder to find than more known brands, it’s usually available on Amazon or Ebay.

Our review: a nice, open, and adaptive e-reader.

With the option to adjust the warmth of the lighting, to insert a micro-SD card, and to view all kinds of files, this e-reader is clearly the cream of the crop of multipurpose 6-inch e-readers. Kobo readers allow you to open any file type, but don’t handle PDF files well. You don’t have this problem with PocketBooks; it’s easy to open all file types, and if you want to install Koreader in order to comfortably and easily read PDFs, you won’t have any issues integrating this with the e-reader’s default operating system.

This should be the norm, but unfortunately, it’s not. We must recognize that this is the main difference between this e-reader and its sibling. As we mention in our article about the best ereader for reading PDF files, the PocketBook Inkpad 3, despite being less compact with an 8-inch screen, is better adapted for PDF reading. However, for those who aren’t looking for a PDF reader, the Kobo Clara HD isn’t as pricey and performs very well! For those looking for a wallet-friendly e-reader at a great value for money, at the risk of losing the adaptive lighting (“natural light” mode) and the customization options that PocketBook e-readers have, the Kindle Paperwhite, which is often sold for less than USD100 (approx 81 GBP) on Amazon, can be a solid alternative.

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