What is the best e-book reader for PDF reading in 2019?

When looking for an e-book reader to read PDF documents, whether it be scientific / academic articles, scanned books, or anything else, it’s important to understand that not all e-book readers have the same PDF-reading capabilities. Some come with a minimal PDF reader, while others are really good at PDF reading.

Given this, which is currently the best e-book reader for those wanting to read PDF? Below we will look at the different criteria to consider when researching the best possible e-reader, before comparing how the most popular e-readers handle PDF files. We’ll finish up with the best models currently available on the market.

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Boox Note Pro – 10.3″ Android e-reader

The Boox Note Pro should be released soon. The big sister of the Onyx Boox Nova pro, this e-reader has a large, 10.3-inch screen and an Android 6 operating system. the option of writing on PDF documents with a stylus makes this a great option for reading PDFs.

With its Carta screen, lighting system that allows you to adjust the warmth and the “front light”, this e-reader seems to have great potential.

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How to install Koreader on a Kobo e-reader (with KFMon/Kute File Monitor)

We’ve already written an article about how to install Koreader on Kobo e-readers with KSM, but this program forces you to restart the e-reader to switch between the two programs, which isn’t very practical, and some e-readers aren’t, or are barely, compatible with KSM.

The solution that we’re going with relies on Kute File Monitor, aka KFMon.

The advantage of this process is that it’s easy to install Koreader, and that you can switch between Koreader and Nickel (Kobo’s default system) with the simple push of a button on Nickle’s home screen (which will look like the cover of a book).

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Kobo H2O2 (Aura H2O version 2): Compact & multipurpose

The Kobo H2O 2nd edition is very different from its ancestor, the Kobo H2O 1st edition. This new version is thinner, offers an adaptive backlighting system (a “natural light” option that uses yellow light rather than blue light) and uses new materials, which all set it apart from the previous model… But what is it worth? Our test, our opinion.

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