Boox Note Pro – 10.3″ Android e-reader

The Boox Note Pro should be released soon. The big sister of the Onyx Boox Nova pro, this e-reader has a large, 10.3-inch screen and an Android 6 operating system. the option of writing on PDF documents with a stylus makes this a great option for reading PDFs.

With its Carta screen, lighting system that allows you to adjust the warmth and the “front light”, this e-reader seems to have great potential.

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Kobo H2O2 (Aura H2O version 2): Compact & multipurpose

The Kobo H2O 2nd edition is very different from its ancestor, the Kobo H2O 1st edition. This new version is thinner, offers an adaptive backlighting system (a “natural light” option that uses yellow light rather than blue light) and uses new materials, which all set it apart from the previous model… But what is it worth? Our test, our opinion.

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Kindle paperwhite – test & review: A good price/quality ratio!

The Kindle Paperwhite is Amazon’s main e-reader. The Paperwhite is neither the top of the line (which is the Oasis), nor the bottom (without backlighting) like the Kindle touch.

With a 6-inch Carta e-Ink screen, the Paperwhite is an excellent mid-tier e-reader, which allows you to comfortably read day or night thanks to its integrated lighting.

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