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Ratta Supernote A5 – e-reader and digital notebook.

Ratta is a Chinese company with offices in Shanghai and Tokyo. They make very interesting eInk tablets because they are well finished and equipped with a stylus for writing, and because Ratta differs from most manufacturers by a certain minimalism, coupled with quite varied functionalities. Could they offer the perfect balance?

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Boyue Likebook Alita

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The Likebook Alita is the latest product from the Chinese manufacturer. Being an e-reader on Android, it has good hardware and software capabilities. With its 10.3-inch screen, would it be the dream e-reader for researchers, students and other great PDFs readers?

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Boox Note Pro – 10.3″ Android e-reader

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The Boox Note Pro should be released soon. The big sister of the Onyx Boox Nova pro, this e-reader has a large, 10.3-inch screen and an Android 6 operating system. the option of writing on PDF documents with a stylus makes this a great option for reading PDFs.

With its Carta screen, lighting system that allows you to adjust the warmth and the “front light”, this e-reader seems to have great potential.

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