Boyue Likebook Alita

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The Likebook Alita is the latest product from the Chinese manufacturer. Being an e-reader on Android, it has good hardware and software capabilities. With its 10.3-inch screen, would it be the dream e-reader for researchers, students and other great PDFs readers?

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Boox Max 3 – 13.3 Inch Android eReader.

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The Onyx Boox Max 3 e-reader has just been released. Contrary to many Chinese e-readers on Android’s older versions, this one runs on Android 9.0. With its 13.3-inch screen, it promises to be very versatile, especially for those who want to read A4 documents or use it to take notes with the stylus. Do they deliver on their promises? Our opinion on the question…

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Boox Note Pro – 10.3″ Android e-reader

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The Boox Note Pro should be released soon. The big sister of the Onyx Boox Nova pro, this e-reader has a large, 10.3-inch screen and an Android 6 operating system. the option of writing on PDF documents with a stylus makes this a great option for reading PDFs.

With its Carta screen, lighting system that allows you to adjust the warmth and the “front light”, this e-reader seems to have great potential.

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