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Use the button of a Lamy stylus to erase or switch tools on a reMarkable tablet.

The reMarkable 1 is a good eInk tablet now available at a good second hand price. You can use different stylus, including the Lamy AL-star EMR, whose buttons can be used to switch to “eraser” mode. This can also work with the – fragile but beautiful – reMarkable 2.

Use a stylus to erase? What do you mean?

The Lamy AL-Star AMR is considered by many users as THE best stylus to use with a reMarkable: it is compatible with official leads, which gives the closest possible paper feeling, and it offers a better accuracy than the stylus sold with the e-reader.

It also has a better finished look. But its main advantage is that it has small buttons, which are compatible with the WACOM layer of the reMarkable 1 & 2. All you need to do is install the appropriate software on the e-reader, so that you can erase with a simple press on this button.

How to install the “hack”?

It’s quite simple; the hack is located on the developer’s GitHub repository which provides the “remarkable hacks” (which we recommend to install at the same time, while you’re at it!). It can be found at this address.

The procedure to follow is explained on the page, and the developer provides a script to automate the installation, which can be used by copying and pasting the following command, once SSH connected to the tablet (Wifi ON):

sh -c "$(wget -O-)" 

You then have to install the remarkable-hacks:

sh -c "$(wget -O-)" 

In my opinion, with this stylus and this hack, the reMarkable 2 loses interest compared to the reMarkable 1, since the big plus of the reMarkable 2, apart from a slightly better design and more autonomy was in my opinion the possibility to benefit from an eraser on the stylus.

Since the reMarkable 1 is available at low cost on eBay, and the reMarkable 2 won’t be shipped before several months, it seems to me that the RM1 can be a good device for those who are looking for an eInk tablet to read PDF documents, annotate them and also (or maybe rather!) to take notes.

13 thoughts on “Use the button of a Lamy stylus to erase or switch tools on a reMarkable tablet.”

    1. Well, most pen on the same wacom tech will work out of the box with the rM1. This hack makes it possible to use the physical button of the Lamy stylus to erase (or to switch between two tools, which can be useful for annotating a PDF).

  1. will this work on the rm2? i got a rm2 and kept the lamy and it would be awesome if i can continue to use it and to use the eraser function.

  2. Just tested it, and the button on the Lamy does nothing. Tried to press once, tried to keep it pressed down; doesn’t work.
    Do you need to configure anything else besides install the hack?

  3. hello i want to program it without using the hack is it posible because i dont need does other features yes i can use a calculator and a agenda but not this

    1. Hello. Yes you can install other apps, without installing the hacks. See for example the Toltec repo, it’s the easiest way to install third party software on your reMarkable.

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